August 16th at Seattle Center

See you there? Yes, everybody is invited to register now!

Who is coming? You, we hope! And...

More to announce as we confirm YOUR registration!

If you're a vlogger, let us know if you can make it ASAP...

"Our team is trying to bring together vloggers large and small for this second amped-up gathering. We can only do it with your support, especially if you live or love the Seattle area and the youtuber culture. Everybody is welcome to register, everybody is welcome to vlog about it beforehand, and everybody is welcome to collaborate with others on-site! See you there!"

- Chris Pirillo


VloggerFair is coming to Seattle Center this summer!

Yes, this is a fair - just like last year (only better). The single-day event isn't a conference, though - there are no speakers, just an open floor of participants. Like the first VloggerFair, there will be vlogger Q&A time on-stage for everybody to see, and more personalized time to spend with your favorite vloggers on the floor as well.

Collaborations? Watch them happen in real-time!

We will be announcing more notable vloggers as soon as we receive confirmations from them, but consider what happened in our first year! This year, with your help, we'll have a ton more fun and facilitate even more connections and opportunities to mix it up!

VIP pass holders will receive priority seating, priority line position, a bag-o-swag, and other bonus niceties - and there are only a limited amount of VIP passes available.


NOTE: Last year's VloggerFair SOLD OUT - so get your tickets for this year's event ASAP! Don't miss out on the chance for meeting your favorite vlogger(s) and experiencing our second premier vlogging event. Buy your pass ASAP so that we know you're coming!